how to make money There are many self-media platforms, such as the aforementioned Toutiao, Zhihu, Jianshu, Baijiahao, Sohu, Penguin, Baijiahao, Douban... These platforms can all make money, and here are a lot of them. The platform only has a Baijia account, which is not commissioned, how to make money  and it will directly pay you the advertising fee.

In addition to these platforms, there are actually many other platforms, such as the writer’s house,, and even Taobao. They all find people to write articles on their behalf...Of course, these are rewards for others, which belong to the completion of tasks to earn commissions, but also through Writing articles for realizing, on the contrary, using this method will be a good way to exercise your abilities  .

 You can use this method to exercise your ability to write articles. In fact, the ability to write articles needs to be practiced. There is also interest. It is said that interest is the best teacher. If you are too utilitarian, you may not be able to insist on writing. , On the contrary, when treated as a hobby or even a means of communication, it will make you go further.

Turning back, you will find that it has been written for a long time, and it has become a habit like eating and sleeping. Once such a habit is formed, it will be another wealth, not just writing an article to earn How much is that simple Top Porn Sites .

how to make money Of course, I will give you a skill here, that is, keywords. Many people who write soft articles don’t pay much attention to keywords. In fact, this is a higher level of existence besides your title’s attractiveness. That is to say, your title is good-looking. It’s a must, then the advanced version is that while the title is attractive, it’s better to include keywords, so that others can easily search for your article, and then see your title, and then click to see the content. The process may only be because you added a keyword in your title.

Where do the keywords for the title come from? It’s very simple. Find articles of the same kind, and then directly filter out the common words. This word is the hot word you need. What you need to do is to incorporate this word into your title. In this way, the previous will be realized. Speaking of which, other people search for hot words and then your title is displayed because it contains this hot word, and then seen by others. Because your title is very interesting, others naturally want to click in to see... this is A series of operations will also directly affect how much money your article can help you make. to make money  Deep plowing. It is recommended that novices start writing articles, do not just pursue the quantity. Although the length is short and save time, it is not suitable for long-term operation. It is best to write 1~3 articles a week, and create in-depth and valuable articles with a little effort without delay. Other studies, work, and rest can improve one's abilities, which is conducive to long-term development how to make money  .
2. Choose a platform. Although an article can be posted on multiple platforms, many platforms now have regulations that require originality. It is best to publish an original first. Therefore, it is essential to study the rewards, commissions, and income of each major platform. Choose the one that is the best. It’s more appropriate to post on the excellent platform first, and then post on other platformshttp how to make money   .
3. how to make money Build a brand. Relying on a single article or content to make a profit is not a long-term to make money The most important thing is to operate your own account, choose a positioning and vertical cultivation, attract the same type of fans, so that after becoming a brand, it can be realized through various means. The above is an introduction to how novices can make money by posting articles. Friends in need can learn about it and hope to help everyone.